Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Word is Projects


  1. Looks like there is knitting in your future! I love that fuzzy yarn in the bottom corner! I am wanting my mom to show me how to knit again, very relaxing and you can take it anywhere.

  2. Sheryl that fuzzy yarn is a rayon/mohair mix from Fiesta La
    Boheme and it's so gorgeous it makes me drool! I'm making a scarf with it, socks with the two on the left and adult bonnets with the others, possibly for the
    Etsy shop. Yes, busy!

  3. Dear Dora,
    Thanks so much for dropping by for a visit! Isn't Pat fabulous? That church of St. Nicholas is just so serene and lovely.
    Which church is it that has the icon of St. Nicholas that miraculously teared Myrrh 3 years ago. Is the church called St. Nicholas? If so, I'd love to include it in my section on St. Nicholas churches around the world!
    Humm... now what are you going to make from all this beautiful yarn? Well, I will follow along to see!

  4. Thanks for dropping by here too Ann!
    Unfortunately, my church is dedicated to St. Paul, but the St. Nicholas icon is enshrined there. We also have a tearing Panagia which teared again after many years. Right after that miracle, the St. Nicholas teared Myrrh. So two tearing icons. This happened about a year before our economy tanked, so we think this was the sign of things to come.
    Oh yes, my yarn! When I'm not painting I'm knitting, crocheting, making bead jewelry, just busy busy!


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