Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nothing for Thursday

I decided to put myself on vacation this week, along with the rest of the world here. This being what they call these days "President's" week and schools are closed, there is a nice hush in the neighborhood. Remember when there was George Washington's birthday and Abraham Lincoln's birthday? That's all over. Soon no one will even know who they were. People will just think it's time to go shopping or away.

People must really be on vacation, as in away from home. Not just on vacation, but gone altogether.  It's fine by me, but it's surprising that there are no kids around, very little car traffic, and even the mail man is walking on tiptoe.

Well, good for those people who can go away and really be on vacation. That's nice. So I'm "on vacation" too. Gorgeous is a teacher. She has the week off and is spending time with the Princess while I am free to do other things. It's all good.

Self imposed vacation from anything too thought provoking was my idea. I don't even feel like pulling out the fruit and sea shells for a quick spin in watercolor. Lazy daisy. Taking things slow. Browsing in some stores. Knitting a little here and there. Looking at my books. No screaming neighbors kids running around next door. Nice and quiet. Just how I like things.

What's my thought for Thursday? Nothing. Not a thing. No thoughts. Empty brain. Peace. Yup.


  1. sometimes that peace is a little piece of Heaven!

  2. A slice of heaven is so welcome, Pat!


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