Monday, February 21, 2011

More Snow, Again

The warm, spring weather we had last week was fun while it lasted. Well, whaddaya know? More snow! Yup, I said it, more snow. Take a look at the view from my backyard garden.

It's looks pretty, but it's very annoying. Especially since I was caught off guard and had no idea this was coming. When I heard there would be inches I flipped!

This huge pine tree is in my neighbor's yard, but just on our border. Of course, the huge branches hover over my yard and the azaleas that I love. If one of those big arms snap off the azaleas are in trouble and our electric, cable, phone would all be out. If this was my tree I'd bring it down. It's just too big and dangerous. But, alas, it's the neighbor's responsibility and he's annoying so I'm not saying anything about it. Every winter I imagine this thing landing on my patio room and maybe then I would have to remodel. I dream big, don't I?

In the meanwhile it's still standing. As I'm looking at this photo it seems to me my fence looks like it's leaning over. I better go out there and take a look if it really is leaning or it's my camera angle. Looks scary.


  1. fingers crossed its the camera angle - and I hope the snow melts pronto!

  2. Luckily it was the camera angle! *wiping brow*

  3. Looks so pretty, though! I know it is only nice for a short while, then its plowed and dirty! I can't believe how much you have gotten!

  4. Sheryl, it's finally melting with the rain we're getting! Thank goodness.


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