Monday, February 28, 2011

A Knitting Deadline

The latest project is on the needles. No painting can happen until I meet this particular deadline, which is coming up soon. I have just days to finish.

The hot pink color of this yarn is amazing and fun to work with. Can you see the little sparkles? Fun! I'm still in the loop, holding Resistance at bay if I keep going. "Finish something" has been playing in my head. There's plenty more where this came from to keep me busy, but right now I have to finish this set of projects. The pink mohair item is in a holding pattern while I work on these. Yes, there are two! Look at the picture, get the idea? Another item is done. Somewhere in my day today I must finish this and go on to the next one.

Have you ever heard of "second sock syndrome"? Think about it. You need two socks, right? You complete one whole sock. Ah, satisfaction with a project that is finished! But wait! You have to do it all over again, same pattern, same yarn, same colors, same needles. Yawn! It's possible Resistance can show up and you never get to make the second sock. What are you going to do with one lousy sock, huh?  But it happens.

I like taking these little projects with me to doctor's appointments to work on in the waiting room. I've been getting allergy shots and the wait time is twenty minutes. That means knitting time. I don't know if the allergy shots are doing anything, but I'm getting knitting in!

The socks I started knitting for myself during our vacation in Greenport, NY during the summer never materialized into socks. I started them on vacation, and ripped them in the doctor's waiting room.  I reknit them, and ripped them again. For some reason I never liked how the knitting looked.

First, I knit them too tight and the colors were pooling. I was seeing zigzags and blotches of colors. Yuck. I ripped. Then I began again with different needles and new number of cast on stitches. Better, stripes were happening, but the stitches looked too open and holed. Rip rip rip. Next reknit I still didn't like the look of the stitches. RIP! Now I have no socks, just a ball of nothing. The girls in the allergists office were asking where the socks are that I was working on. I showed them a ball. They gasped. Oh well.

So anyway, now I'm on a deadline. I can't wait to finish this round of knitting and move on to painting where there are other adventures to tackle.


  1. Prometheus sounds like a real cutie! And what a name!!
    I don't knit - my grandmother sure did; like lightening! - but I can imagine how the second sock syndrome would make me feel!
    The color is beautiful!

  2. Ann, just picture the neighborhood kids calling for my cat: Promeeeeeetheuuus! Thanks for dropping by!


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