Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Awaiting the Princess

I'm waiting for The Princess to arrive this morning. Tuesday is my day to play! I am ready. I could get the chance to paint at some point, but not counting on it. The Princess takes ten minute naps for the most part. As you know, I could make a short time limit work, but maybe not just ten minutes. The equipment is ready just in case the nap is a little longer than I expect.

Everything The Princess needs is ready too: formula, bottle, bowl, spoon, and toys! She is now five months old and learning to eat cereal. So, okay, most of it comes out when I try putting it in, but I can get   it to go right back in! No problem, but if she eyeballs the spoon we're in trouble. She's smart. She knows what's coming with that spoon and she's not sure if she likes it.

Things are done differently these days. When my kids were babies we started solid food with a ripe, mushed up banana. Now, due to dietary ideas on obesity and the like, the doctors recommend cereal first, not to begin with the sweet stuff. But the sweet stuff gives them the idea that what's coming on the spoon might be something they may want to taste.

Whatever the routine is today, I am happy to oblige. Tell me what to do and I'll just do it. No issues here, just happy to see that squishy baby girl! Baby beats out painting any day. Yup.


  1. They usually smell better than paints, too. Notice I said "usually."..........LOL

  2. Hahaha! Carol this baby smells heavenly! No kidding! Hahaha

  3. Hope you had a great day! We have the same granite, I see!

  4. Great day Sheryl! Busy, tired, great!


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