Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day, Sort of

The big blowout snowstorm we were supposed to experience looked like this by 6A.M. Okay, so around six inches fell. After the last blizzard two weeks ago, this was nothing. All the hoopla of the unplowed streets in NYC, the stranded drivers and mass transit riders, the cancelled air flights, and whatever else was not evident in this latest storm. Every one got so excited that schools were being closed before the storm even began, except for the city schools. No vacation for the city schools. Nope.

I had a couple of items to pick up at the supermarket and it was as if we were going to be snowed in for two weeks. People stripped the shelves of all milk, eggs, meats, and bread. Come on people, what's going to happen that you need that much food? This is a snow storm not the end of the world as we know it. Get a grip! What's wrong with people? Anyone ever hear about keeping a stocked pantry for such occasions when getting out of the house might be impossible for a day? Please.

This kind of stuff makes my head hurt. I had no idea we were even going to have any snow. I usually don't watch television during the day. It's bad enough I get distracted by things that keep me from painting. When I saw the long lines at the supermarket I was in shock.

Gorgeous is a teacher in the NYC school system and had to go to work this morning. Son #1 was told by his office to work from home so he is watching The Princess, and Son #2 was notified his office was opening later. Of course, adventure seeker that he is, The Mr. was out there at 6 A.M. shoveling the cars out of the snow so he could get to work. By hook or by crook, he was going! He's a little nutty like that. To him, this is an adventure. He'll return tonight to tell us how the roads were, who was stuck, if there were accidents, alot of excitement to be found out there.

I will be staying in. Yeah, I peeked out to snap the picture, but other than that I plan to get some things done. Hopefully, painting will be one of them. I trying to decide if I should take up a challenge some other artists/bloggers are doing called 100 Paintings. If I do, today might be #1. I'll let you know what happens with that.


  1. A snow day is a perfect painting day- looking forward to you joining us in 100 paintings!

  2. Sheryl, I don't know why, but I'm scared! LOL

  3. One good thing about snow makes a beautiful landscape!

    I would like to throw in my opinion of you doing the 100 paintings challenge. I did it and I learned so much about my painting and myself. It is worth every effort and you can only benefit from it. There is nothing to stress about because you do it at your own pace. GO FOR IT!!

  4. OMG Teri! I think I'd like to try. I know it would help me push resistance out of my way. I'll sleep on it.


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