Monday, January 17, 2011

The Operative Word is Yes

I've been thinking of entering the 100 Paintings Challenge. I won't lie, I'm scared to begin and I don't know why. This year I have fought with resistance to creating art and been winning most of the time. Reading The Artist's Way helped quite a lot. Doing the tasks, writing Morning Pages without fail, pushing myself to be a parent to my inner child artist helped me to find inspiration and motivation. Another book, The War of Art, had more ideas and thoughtful quips for finding the muse and working on creativity. I've just found The Creative Spirit, by Twyla Tharp which is supposed to be good, too, but haven't read it yet. I will let you know how it is when I do.

Finding the blog, The Twenty Minute Challenge, nudged me to find twenty minutes in a busy day to paint. A while back I was playing with just fifteen minutes in the studio which was productive. Doing 20 minutes, to begin and finish a work, was even better. Ding! and you have to stop. I was usually finished with my work by the time the timer rang. Fifteen minutes a day, or twenty for that matter, can help push along a larger project, which I have done. Much can be accomplished in small chunks of time as long as I don't have to have a wrestling match with resistance, which could derail my efforts for a lot longer.

In comes the latest push, nudge, dangling carrot on a stick, the 100 Paintings, and I'm tempted. That little bad boy on my shoulder says "Why do you want to do that? People are going to have things to say. You're busy as can be lately and you will never have the time to do 10 pieces, never mind 100" and on. Then again, the good girl on the other shoulder tells me "Why not? If you had taken up the challenge a long while ago you would already have 25 or more paintings in the mix and be excited to keep going." So goes my discourse in the Morning Pages. Thank goodness I write those pages. Who wants to hear all this stuff that goes on in my head? Why this, why that, why not?

So why don't I just jump in and sign up? What's with the commitment phobia? The lovely fellow artists/bloggers are so nice at encouraging me to do it and I'm hedging.

But this being a Monday, and I love Mondays, I am tempted to just say yes. I read something in the past that said whenever there is a question, the answer, the operative word, should be Yes. So I think, hedge-hedge, the answer is Yes. I will. I accept the challenge. Now all I have to do is go over to the blog and begin. It's still scary.


  1. I say GO FOR IT!!! It's easy to feel overwhelmed, I know. However, what can you lose? At the very least you'll be productive and be able to sell more paintings!

  2. Do it! It will be fun - and I presume no-one shoots you if you don't make 100? *grin*


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