Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year Ahead Without Resolving Anything

I apologize, once more, for the delay in posting here. It's been a rough few weeks of holidays and it isn't over yet. Soon, soon.

And so what about resolutions for the new year? Who is and who isn't doing them? I can tell you that I'm opting out. No resolutions for me. Why? Because I never do them. Everyone wants to lose weight, exercise more, be a better person, and on. I could try to do so many things and fall flat a month from now so I'm not going to bother thinking about it.

The one thing I will do is break my day into 15 to 20 minutes chunks of time. As this past year has shown me, I can do anything for 15 minutes. Whether it's organizing/cleaning my space, painting, or some other activity, I can slowly get something done and finished if I make tiny goals. The huge to-do list will be tackled that way. One thing at a time and in small bites.

Last year I read Walking in This World, by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way. I loved every minute of reading the latter, never walked with the former, which I had hoped would become a habit. Nope! Didn't happen. So forget it. If I start walking it will be a miracle. And I would have to wake up at 5A.M. to get everything in before my granddaughter comes for the day. I read somewhere that I could walk out of my house for 7 minutes and return, making the trip 15 minutes of walking. I can't get to do that either. I know, I'm a slug. I own the next installment of this series of anti-resistance courses so let's see where that goes.

Same thing with painting, but I think I need to move on past the 20 minutes I had allotted myself. Maybe I can try it on a larger work? Ugh, I don't even want to think about it. Twenty minutes was working out well and maybe I will just keep it just like that.

If I can cross off some things from the to-do list once a month I'll be thrilled. Small goals, one at a time should become my mantra.

Like posting here on the blog. I have so much to put out here, but by the time I have time I realize I didn't take photos, forgot my thoughts, I'm too tired to type or think. But if I could be awake for 15 minutes, maybe something can show itself here.

As far as being a better person? I think I'm the best I'm going to be right now. Maybe when I grow up I'll decide to be someone else, but for now you're stuck with me.


  1. You're a lovely person just as you are, Dora *hugs*
    I'd resolve not to change you :)

    As for me, I've resolved to paint more and compute less - so am only blogging three times a week now, instead of daily!

  2. Pat-{{{hugs}}} right back, you're a dear! I hope my 15/20 minute plan helps me do both paint and compute. Hope being the operative word here!


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