Monday, January 24, 2011

Is Winter Over Yet?

It's too cold out to paint the landscape. I'm just not into snow. We have had so much snow in NY so far this winter. It has to stop. Now. Man, it's cold out.

Painting the landscape has it's own challenges. Just leave me alone about snow. All that whiteness and sparkle is too distracting. I'm having enough distractions in real life. The weather is forecasting more snow this week. Um, no thank you, I'll pass.

Cold weather under 32F is too cold for me. I'm the person who needs temperatures in the upper 80's to be comfortable. And no, I don't want to move somewhere warm. Those places have other things I like less. Florida has big bugs. California is sliding into the Pacific Ocean with every earthquake. Arizona has coyotes and gangs. I like Las Vegas, Nevada, but I'd probably lose my shirt if I lived there.

I like my New York weather. Soon enough springtime weather will be here and then we're on our way to heat and humidity! I can't wait.

Luckily I held on to these vestiges of summer and fall. Shells, beach pebbles, and autumn leaves. The wackiness of life, and people, and junk go to the outer edges of my thoughts when I look at these things. I can forget, for a few moments, and drift away to the last time I sat on the beach to paint the broken shells with my apple.

What's Left of Fall (c)2011
Okay, so I'm really at the dining room table! For 20 minutes I can make believe I'm walking in the warm sun on a late September day. Twenty minutes of daydreaming can work. Another 20 and maybe I can be done with this. I wish I could be done with winter the same way.


  1. So ready for winter to be done here, too. Seems I'm catching one bug after another. Perhaps if you paint something summery it will cone? Worth a try, eh? :)

  2. Pat, I have had it and I hear there's more on the way. Blame it on El Nina.

  3. Dora- I am looking out my window and can't even see the back fence, it is so foggy today! That is one aspect of winter here that I do hate- but I am not ready for 100 degree weather either. I am also not ready to slide into the ocean!!! Like your watercolor, too.

  4. LOL Sheryl, that was good! I'm looking forward to a hot New York summer!


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