Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Time Just Flies

Do you see what happens when you're having fun?  Time just flies right by!  Oh gee, when was the last time I posted here?  I have to take a look to remember what day it was.  One day just flows right into the next and before I know it the week is gone and another begins.  If you're not watching, life turns into one long cup of coffee, my analogy anyway.

I was writing in my Morning Pages just this same thing yesterday.  I can remember adults saying that life goes by in the blink of an eye, and it is just so, so true.  I thought of it while writing at 7A.M. that every day I see my granddaughter she is different.  Literally different.  I am trying to slow down life so I can really see her changing.  Most times when she is delivered to my house she is asleep.  I stop whatever I am doing to look at her sleeping face until she opens those big, brown, beautiful eyes of hers.  I straighten up the house and myself, before she gets here so I can be comfortable in the present moment.

Being present has to be one of the hardest things to do.  To stop and smell the roses, as they used to say, is a difficult thing when life is so demanding.  There is so much to do, lists to cross off, errands, painting, beating myself up for not painting, cooking and cleaning, and on and on.  I have had a good talk with my brain and told it that it must shut up and stop bothering me for the time being.  I am going to sit here and look at this baby for now.  Granted, my off days will be hectic.  Even so, I will try to be present, aware, and awake.

When Son#1 got engaged I jumped up when I remembered I hadn't put his 3 month baby photo in a frame yet!  What an idiot I am!  I can't believe I let that much time go by without doing some of those things.  Don't get my wrong, I do have pictures in albums.  But then again, there's a slew of them in boxes and that's just not right.

So I have made up my mind to slow down, breathe, remember what day it is, where I am, what I am doing, and keep my eyes open.  If I don't, this baby will be 10 years old and I'll be wondering what happened.

OK, gotta go, the baby just woke up!


  1. Ah.I needed that reminder today! Thank you! Why are the holidays so difficult, when they should be so delightful? We MUST force ourselves to slow down and fully experience each moment! I've been clicking on several of your "You Might Also Like" paintings. Beautiful work, all of it!

  2. Thanks for your comments Katherine. Every day is a struggle to stay awake and aware. The holiday season is more pressure. Even having a simple celebration is almost impossible these days. I'm glad you like my work and happy you poked around here!

  3. My oldest granddaughter is 10 years old now and I was just saying to my husband that I don't have any 'real' pictures of her. They are all on the computer. I want to get them printed and do something with them! Then my husband pointed to the chest full of pictures of my own children. Life indeed goes by too fast.

  4. Wax Beach-Photos are wonderful and terrible. It's fun to take them, look at them, remember people and places. But at the same time it's a pain to take them, look at them from out of boxes, and feel sad at remembering the people and the places. And then there's the computer photos, the phone photos, the digital camera photos, the storage IF we print them at all! A real dilemma.


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