Sunday, November 14, 2010


Welcome to my redecorated blog! I started fooling around with the new templates on Blogger while playing with the iPad and decided to change it up a bit. It's almost as satisfying as rearranging the living room without the heavy lifting. But by no means is it easy.

What size typeface, which typeface, can I even change the typeface? And then which colors look good with the backgrounds, photo background, flat color, no color? Can I move this here or not? Will it fit, can I change it? So many choices and then not enough choices.

The template with a black post background is really interesting to look at but not so much fun to read white type from it. It made me cross eyed. Then again I didn't play with the options to change the colors. It can make one dizzy, so I stopped at this design you see.

The banner at the top is another story. I painted this watercolor a while ago and made the banner somehow and I have trouble trying to fit it into this set up to make it fit across the page. Okay, so I just added the color to clean it up and fit. I think it looks alright the way it is. I know it's just a blog, but it's like you are coming to visit my house. I would like it to be neat, clean, and comfortable for me and for you.

Now if I have time I might move the living room couch across the room for a different look there. Will it work? I'm not sure, but it might be fun to try it and see.


  1. I love this new 'outfit' for your blog!

  2. Thank you for commenting Brigitte! The blog need some sprucing up, it was time. LOL

  3. Dora-
    I like your redo of your blog, now- go paint!


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