Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Quiet Sunday

It's a quiet Sunday.  I usually wait for inspiration and post to the blog on Monday.  As I have said before, Monday is a favorite day.  Unlike other people, I love Monday.  I know, we won't go there.

Today was kind of like a Monday because everyone was out of the house for a few hours.  To me that is bliss.  Since I've been having alot of fun painting for just 20 minutes I decided to get my little things done around here and then paint!   After all, what's 20 minutes? 

The great thing about this little travel set is that it's right in my path, along with these things I keep painting.  I never get tired of the rocks and the shells!  I guess they remind me of the summer and the beach.  I painted this at around 3PM with plenty of north light from the dining room window.  

The teeny travel brush in this photo is my favorite brush!  It holds just enough water and has a great point, but it's not an expensive brush.  I might have to investigate some regular size brushes that match the way this one works.  And I'm going to need another one of these spiral watercolor pads.  For now it does the trick, but I have only two pages left of this one.  

I can't wait to shop for art supplies!  With 20 minutes of painting so often I might need more supplies than I plan to get.  Fun!

Shell with Seaweed  (c)DST  7x10 Watercolor


  1. It looks very good, Dora.
    Love the shadows and the curves you got on the shell. Gorgeous xx

  2. It's wonderful! It clearly shows your enthusiasm and love for your subject in the way you applied the paint. Great artistry!

  3. Thank so much Pat and Katherine! These short paintings really keep me interested. Some days I'm so excited to get those 20 minutes in!

  4. Dear Dona,
    Wow, your quick watercolor gets better and better! Especially, the shell, really, is out from the paper. Colors are cheerful and very eye pleasant. Keep up. You're a master of 20.
    Pass my best wishes to your Highness...
    Kind regards, Sadami

  5. Thanks for the good words Sadami! Her Highness will visit me tomorrow and I will squish her!


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