Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Princess' Visit

Tuesday is my day with the Princess. She's here and after having her bottle she fell asleep. I know I have said it before, but she is just an amazing thing to look at. I am just so lucky to be able to be such a part of her life. I am blessed.

A while ago, before the Princess was born, I ran into another grandmother with her charge in a stroller at the supermarket. We said hello and started talking about grandchildren in the aisle. She told me she has hers 5 days a week. I said I would probably switch off with the other grandma, at the time I wasn't really sure what our arrangements would be. This woman had retired from teaching and for her, being home with the baby was lonely. Oh man, not for me!

Being home with this baby is great! She's a good baby, with rarely a peep from her. I was able to be home with my boys. I was busy as anything, if I had a job I don't know how I could have handled it. And I need time to do my art. Besides, I like my own company and the quiet of my house. In other words, this is heaven!

Will I get to paint later? Maybe. Unless the baby is awake and feels like playing!


  1. I think the Princess is blessed to have you as a grandmother! xx

  2. Thanks Sheryl and Pat! I'm just taking a quick break while she naps to check in here!!!


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