Monday, November 29, 2010

Painting on Sunday

The weekend was pretty quiet around here and I had hoped to get many things done.  The Mr. had planned a fishing trip with his buddies so I planned to be home getting the house ready for holiday decorating.  My Sunday was set!  I even hoped to take time out to paint something for twenty minutes.  

The fishing trip was leaving from Freeport, NY, on Long Island.  Freeport is on the way to Jones Beach and very close, which was a plus to The Mr.  He's gone fishing out of Montauk on the south fork and Greenport on the north fork, and every where in between.  This trip was a short drive to the boat, but then the captain takes the fishermen out in the Atlantic Ocean for three hours to the spot.  Gear, food, and men were ready for a full day.  The boat was leaving the dock at 3A.M. Sunday morning and expected to return by 7P.M. Sunday night.  All day.

I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast.  Usually I'm the pancake lady on Sundays. Now I could sit with my little breakfast, my hot coffee and my newspaper.  A quiet morning is one of my best times.  If I'm pancake lady I'm so busy making them that my coffee gets cold before I can enjoy it. This time, nice hot coffee!   I daydreamed of the day ahead, what I would get done, and what I was interested in painting.  

Since I was invited to join a new blog The Little Art Club, I thought I would try the theme "Candy" in a twenty minute time slot.  It would be just enough time to paint something as a start.  Ideas floated around in my head while I sipped my coffee.   When I was ready I headed off to paint for twenty minutes.  Heaven, and it was still morning! Later in the day I worked on this another twenty minutes. 

(I tried linking to the blog for this post, but it seems it's unavailable.  I wonder what happened?)

Chocolate Wrapping (c)2010 Dora Sislian Themelis  7x10 Watercolor
Around 11 A.M., The Mr. called to say they were already back from the trip.  It seemed that another fisherman collapsed as they started casting their lines.  Frantically, the captain, his mates, and the other guys performed CPR to try and revive the man.  The Coast Guard was alerted and they tried to help, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful.  When the boat returned to the dock three hours later, they were met by the police, detectives, fire personnel, and ambulances.  The Mr. and his buddies had to give their names and statements.  Needless to say he was home early.


  1. Oh dear, oh dear. I'm so sorry, Dora. I quickly became overwhelmed with the "Little Art Club" blog! People were emailing artwork to me with write-ups and it was taking so much time to get them organized and posted on the blog. We are still doing The Little Art Club on Flickr, if you'd like to post your gorgeous candy piece over there! Thank you for creating it. It's adorable!

  2. Katherine, I'm glad you're ok! Thought something was wrong. I'll drop by there and post! Thanks so much for commenting and letting me know!!!

  3. Beautiful little watercolour.. I want to eat the sweetie! :lol:

  4. Thanks Pat. I tried to keep my paws off the chocolate! LOL


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