Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Fun

Yes, Friday is sometimes fun.  It's a busy day for me with lots of things to be done before the weekend.  One thing is food shopping.  Why do I always have to visit the fruit market or the big super market?  Why do we have to do all this eating, and cooking, and shopping?  It's too much.

So I did my running around and came home exhausted.  By the time I got myself together at home it was already afternoon!  Where does the time go?  I should, at least, be having a blast doing something I like to do.  And even that doesn't get a whole day!

Yesterday the town where we live had trucks out vacuuming the fallen leaves for mulch.  When I came home from my errands I found that one of my neighbors had blown all my leaves into the street for the trucks.  He's a nice guy, very energetic.  In the winter he plows the whole block with his snow plow in the driving snow.  Like I said, energetic.

A small, bright red Japanese maple leaf was poking itself up over the mounds of leaves as if to say Hi! Over here!  I took it out of the leaf pile and put it in my Artist's Way notebook to dry.

This afternoon I arranged it with my favorite rocks and painted it.  I did the twenty minute challenge thing so when the time was up I stopped painting.  I got a little watery with the rocks, which I didn't want to do, but the leaf looks good to me.  I will go back and work on the rocks after this dries so I can better define that area.

Red Leaf 7x10 Watercolor (c)2010 DST
I'm happy to say I've kept up with these twenty minute paintings.  It's never boring.  I like the process and I'm even comfortable with the outcome most times.  The challenge is helping me produce more finished work besides.

The hydrangea painting is waiting in the studio.  I think it hates me.


  1. I think the rocks look good.

  2. Twenty minutes. I can't believe that! You have a keen eye and decisive hand! Dora, would you like to join a new blogger group where we draw/paint to a theme? I'd love to have some of your work here.

  3. Hi C, I added too much water to the rocksand couldn't do what I wanted with them, so thanks!

    Katherine-thanks for the invitation, I'd love to join you at your blog! I will drop by.

  4. Love the leaf, Dora- we don't get all the great colors here in California. I miss that about Long Island, among other things!


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