Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thankful for a Sunny Day

What a relief the sun came out today!  I was really worried winter was here already.  Thank goodness for autumn, at least it's a warning that the cold weather will be here so get it together!  If it wasn't so wet and soggy in the grass I'd go sit out there and paint.

The white Montauk daisies in the front garden are blooming nice and big among the lavender asters and pink Knock-out roses.  I usually don't cut down the liatris, echinacea or black eyed Susan's so the birds have seeds to peck at.  The purple chrysanthemums are starting to show off now too.  I've noticed that people buy new chrysanthemums every  fall, plant them, only to pull them out of the ground before winter sets in.   Why is that?  I plant these and every year they come up prettier than the year before.   They're perennials for goodness sakes!

People are weird, and don't we know it?

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