Friday, October 29, 2010

Day Off Friday With Photo

Friday is my day off.  I had a lovely three days of babysitting my amazing granddaughter and can't wait for next week.  Of course, I think she is the smartest thing at only 6 weeks old.  She is alert as a whip, when she's not asleep, which is alot of the time.  You know, babies need sleep to grow, so that is cool.  She's adorable when she's asleep.  When she's awake her eyes are wide and steady.  She can and wants to raise her head and look around.  I don't remember my kids doing that this young.  She's a voracious milk drinker when she's hungry, but right in the middle of her feeding she nods off to sleep!   Then she's awake and looking for the rest of that bottle.  And her legs keep moving, kicking, pushing with a purpose.

She is very interested in her crib decor here at my house.  Who knew polka dots would be fascinating?  One side is lime green with dark brown dots, the other side is brown and white herringbone.  It's the dots that makes her excited.  She turns her little head to see the herringbone for a few seconds and turns right around to the dots.  Her arm extended, those little legs pushing in the air, she's all into the dots.  Her breath quickens and she starts to vocalize at those dots.  So I do too!  

Am I running off about this princess?  I might be.

I think helping to raise a child is a huge responsibility.  There is so much to learn about the world and themselves.  I am thankful to have the time to devote to her.  While feeding her I had Mozart and Frank Sinatra music playing.  We looked at shapes and colors.  We talked back and forth.  I helped her push her legs and flip herself over for a few minutes.  We took a walk in the carriage in the lovely fall weather.  I walked, she slept.

And during one of her naps I sat at the dining room table for twenty minutes to paint while Mozart played.  I had already set up a still life of the usual objects of late:  rocks, leaves and apple.  As I had pulled out the tomato plants from the garden and culled the small green tomatoes, I added one to the mix.  Twenty minutes was enough to keep me in the painting mode.  Twenty minutes and I was done.

I can't wait until this baby can hold a paint brush!

Green Tomato (c)2010 DST 7x10 Watercolor


  1. Gorgeous painting, Dora.
    The 20 minute ones are really good for you!

  2. Thanks Pat. I am much happier with the results after the 20 minute paintings. It's a free feeling painting like this and then it's done!

  3. love your watercolors - I can't believe you can accomplish so much in 20 minutes!

  4. Thanks Stephanie. I try to go for color and not alot of water to dry quickly. Sometimes it works! Really appreciate your comments!


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