Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meet my Friend iMac

Meet my new friend iMac.  We've known each other for a couple of weeks and we're still trying to figure out what kind of relationship we have.  I mean, we're really not friends yet, sort of acquaintances. I think it's going to take some time getting used to our likes, dislikes and quirks.

For the most part iMac is cool.  I like the fact that it's so compact.  There's no tower thing, the guts of the computer is in the monitor.  The keyboard is smaller than I'm used to, but the keys make a nice comfy sound when I type on it.  Plus which, it's wireless, as is the mouse, eliminating all those pesky wires that would be all bunched up and tangled under the desk.

Working on it is a little bit confusing.  What was on the right on a PC is on the left on the iMac.  So my brain needs to remember things like that.  Cutting and pasting is different.  The applications for photos and word processing is new too.  Since I use photos alot I have to learn how to use that program.  I'm still trying to figure out how to size my photos up or down.  Maybe I just have to add my stuff to Flickr where I'm familiar with resizing.  And forget the website I needed to access for The Mr.'s business.  I called their help desk and they informed me that the site doesn't support Mac products.  That blows.  So they're just going to have to do more work from the location instead of my having to do it.  Now they need to hook up their printer and move on.  I'm off the hook with that.  Great!

All this learning makes me tired.  It's fun, but okay, I have things I need to do and it just takes so much more time to do them.  All right already!  Enough with the learning!

So, iMac and I are in the 'nice to meet you' stage of our relationship.  I am waiting for the day that we have moved on to the 'meet you for coffee at the nearest Starbucks so we can dish' stage.  I think it's going to take some time before that happens.

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