Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rocks on the Beach

Beach vacations are pretty much similar where ever you travel, some more luxurious than others.  We've been to quite a few different places where the beach is the main idea and each destination is unique.

Cancun, Acapulco, Nassau Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Greece, Long Island, Las Vegas, oops Las Vegas has pools, all have some aspects that are similar and different.  Some have sandy beaches and others have rocks. 

The Mr. was born in a Greek island with rocky beaches so that's what he looks for in a beach.  In fact, most Greeks are lured by calm waters and a rocky beach, something that resembles home to them.  But I'm a New York girl so what do I know other than sand and waves like Jones Beach and Pt. Lookout?  Rarely did we travel to the Long Island Sound with it's calm waters.  It's fine with me, I'm drawn to the water, rocks or not.

One fascination Greek island people have is watching the ferry arrive with it's passengers, trucks loaded with produce, cars and stuff.  The ferry is so huge and things keep coming off.  Then it gets loaded back up with the same stuff going the other way. 

In Greenport there are ferries that shuttle all the same kind of stuff and people to Shelter Island, all day and night, back and forth.  So of course, we're fascinated by all the action.  They loaded a huge tractor trailer onto this little ferry, plus people in cars, people with bicycles, and just people on foot!  I was in awe, just like we are when we're in Greece! I know, whacko.

When we were finished gawking at the ferry coming and going we were ready to head back to the beach.  The sun was high in the sky and glistening off the clear blue water.  Not many people were on the beach so it was all for us to enjoy.  Like I said, Heaven is an empty beach! 

Except for the seagulls.  No matter where you go seagulls will take your food, throw it around the beach and eat it.

Our last full day I took out the watercolors at the urging of The Mr.  He said, You brought your set out here, now get to work!  Oh gee, thanks.  I was so happy to do nothing on this trip, absolutely no brain waves nothing.  But OK, it was time, and the rocks looked so interesting. 

I began sketching out a few nearby rocks with some dried seaweed clinging to them.  So The Mr. says, You're going to paint rocks?  What's wrong with the water and the sky?  I don't know why but rocks are neat and painting the scenery was sort of intimidating with watercolors.  And anyway, I have pictures for later. 

Without penciling in the subject I just went with the paint.  The brushes I keep with the set have a great point so I can sketch with color and blend in the paint with the side of the brush.  I added color and tried my best to keep the whites white.  The good thing about this little travel set is the limited palette.  That seems to keep me in line or I'd add every color I can get my brush into.  Bad, good, I don't know, but that's what my brain tells me to do. 

©2009 Dora Sislian Themelis

I thought I would try to paint every day on the trip, but thinking about doing it was stressful.  I needed to wind down my brain and think of nothing and of doing nothing.  Once I started painting I guess by that time I was really ready for it. 

OK, when's the next trip?


  1. Those rocks in your painting are just beautiful!
    I'd have painted them too. :)
    However, you do have a big clue as to what you could paint for the Mr's birthday :lol:

  2. Hmmmm..maybe The Mr. sitting on the beach Pat? ;)


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