Monday, August 9, 2010

Out on Long Island

 The beauty of living where we do is the proximity to anything and everything.  Nassau County is a thirty minute drive from Manhattan, unless of course, there's parking lot traffic as I mentioned in a previous post.  But it's basically a short car ride away.  You want Broadway theater?  Easy to do.  You want fine dining?  You got it- either there in NYC or here, everywhere it's easy to eat great food.  You want to go slumming in Astoria, Queens and have great street meat on a stick?  Yeah, twenty minutes (traffic excluded) and you got it!  No prob.  You want to see the ocean?  Grab a fifteen minute drive and you're there.  Drive a little further away and you have farm country.

Notice anything similar in each excursion?  Yeah, you gotta drive there. There is mass transit, but who's taking a bus to any of these places?  Nobody.  Bus travel on Long Island is dismal.  The other choice is the Long Island Railroad.  Commuters take it to work. Problem with the L.I.R.R. is that it's only going east to west, any points on a straight line.  Can't go north or south.  No subways on Long Island.  Want to drown?  No.  No subways crisscrossing the island.  Manhattan, Queens have subways.  Even parts of Queens further out near Nassau County there's no subway stops anymore.  That's where you have to hop on the railroad.  I don't know anyone who loves the railroad.  It just does it's job and that's it.  So mostly we drive.

This weekend we met up with another couple for dinner in the fishing town of  Freeport, N.Y. on the south shore of Long Island.  It's a fifteen minute drive for me.  Another five minutes or so and we're at my favorite beach, Pt. Lookout.  Freeport is a really nice night out, especially if the weather is good.  People come from all over the area for the freshest seafood and a busy party scene.  And you could wait over an hour for a table, unless you're real early for dinner. Think the Hamptons, but closer.  Way closer.  All ages mingle together to eat, drink, and party.

We had dinner on the water at Otto's Sea Grill.  The evening was warm, they had a band playing happy music outside.  They have a busy raw clam bar. We watched the water for every size boat possible.  Some boaters pulled up to the dock to have dinner at the restaurant.  Patrons were dressed in shorts and bathing suits or dressier attire.  People watching is fun too.  While we were eating we watched this couple pull up in their boat, remove their bathing suits and change into t-shirt and shorts, in front of everyone having dinner on the dock!  Not a care in the world.

After dinner we took a walk down the strip to the water, passing by other restaurants filled to the brim with people having a great night out.  We did too. 


  1. It's wonderful!!! Reminds me of the East Coast. Michigan has a lot to offer as well. My daughter traveled up north this past week; it was a two-day trip to get to the top of the Upper Peninsula. Wow! Here in the Detroit area, we have a lot to offer as well. However, I wish I could see the refurbishment of the entire city in my lifetime!

  2. Thank you , Dora for another great taste of Long Island! I do miss it!

  3. I'm glad you gals had fun reading about my Long Island adventures! LOL
    Thank you so much for commenting here Sheryl and Therese, it makes writing this blog much more fun!


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