Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heaven is an Empty Beach on Long Island

We're back from our quick trip to the east end of Long Island, New York in the town of Southold near Greenport.  These few days were a great break from our normal routine and I must say it was much needed.  Do you ever realize how much you need a vacation until you actually go?  I knew it was the right idea as soon as I made the reservation for three nights out there.

To me travel is stress.  Being able to just get in the car and drive to a destination was the least amount of stress involved, unless there is traffic.  But really, if you're on vacation with no timetable, no one expecting you, no reason to be anywhere at any time, who cares if there's some traffic?  Yes, we had a little bit of traffic.  The usual suspects were involved, meaning people who need to see all the aspects of a three car accident.  OK, there were police cars and tow trucks, one really beat-up-from-all-sides car and two other beat up cars on the Long Island Expressway heading east.  Rubberneckers abounded.  After we passed it we had smooth sailing.

 First stop on the way was in Mattituck at Cooper's Farm.  This is the best farm stand out east with the most vegetables you can pick on your own, or just buy what they've already picked.  We go all U-pick.   The most beautiful and large beefy tomatoes, long crunchy cucumbers, glossy eggplants and peppers, sweet as anything watermelon.  Delicious.

Actually, our real first stop was at Briermere Farm for the best buttery apple tart there is in New York.  We can't visit the north fork without a stop here.  Neither can anyone else.  Every time we stop in there's a line out the door.  Each time the door opened, out wafted the smell of butter crust and sweet fruits.  Breathe deep!  I was so excited I forgot to take pictures.

We arrived at our little hotel/motel around four o'clock in the afternoon.  The sun was behind some hazy clouds, but the air was still hot and humid.  Just how I like it.  We settled in, put our things away, donned our bathing suits and headed across the street to the almost empty beach, where we sat until well after 7 P.M.  The waters of the Long Island Sound were calm as oil, the Mr.'s phrase.  The summer air had almost no breeze, but the clouds above kept changing patterns as the sun went down over Connecticut.  

Heaven is a warm summer day and an empty beach.


  1. Dora- love the photos and they remind me of what I miss about Long Island!

  2. If the traffic is really getting to you, you should take 25A instead of the Northern State or LIE. The scenery is beautiful and there are plenty of places to stop, take pictures, grab a lobster roll or a Ralph's Ice, and continue on your way.

    Love the farm stand pics. We are headed out next weekend for a day trip. I hope there are still tomatoes and corn left for us!

  3. Sheryl, Long Island is an amazing place.

  4. Ginny, there were so many fruits and veggies I'm sure there'll be enough when you visit. Take good pics when you go!


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