Monday, August 16, 2010

From Sketch to Done

The latest watercolor painting is done.  Finished.  I finished something!  I was so happy to remove it from the paper block.  I have so many ideas in my head I just couldn't work on this any longer.  Once I painted in the details of the butterfly's wings I was just so done with it.  Here's a look at the progression from sketch to finished work.

I really have to remember I'm not using oil paints.  The highlights have to stay white or else forget about highlights.  There's no adding in later.  It's a process and I'm learning.  And waiting for the work to dry is another thing.  With oils it's just the opposite.  You can let it dry and then have issues because now it's dry!  Watercolors need drying time.

The other thing I wonder about is if it's too big a painting for the size of the surface.  I tend to go large and then find out that my subject pushes the edge of the paper or canvas.  The size of this paper is only 12x16.  I think this looks as if it's a huge work.  Just another thing to ponder over. 

I can hear my painting professor saying "Great job. Now go bigger!" 


  1. Great post! I love the size, too!

  2. Dora - the butterfly is just beautiful. Well done you - for creating and finishing a painting of such beauty.

    ps: you can always mask highlights to protect them, or even lift them out later, if your colours are non staining.
    That's for when you come back to watercolour again :)

  3. Thanks for the votes of confidence, Sheryl and Pat!

    I think I'll keep working the watercolors for now, there's so much to learn!


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