Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to Work

Well, I started working on this new piece.  I thought I would use the watercolor paint in a heavy fashion, but I decided not to.  I'm trying to go slow.  Keep the highlights clean, work the shadows down.  Although I wanted to abstract it I think I will just go with what I see and don't try for anything in particular.  Just paint.

Instead of working in the basement studio, dark and away from everything, I brought the work upstairs near a bright window.  What good is a studio if I'm going to be painting in my dining room?  Forget it...I know, I have a space, but it's not ideal.  Someday, a loft with north facing windows.  I can daydream.  In the meantime, it's back to work.


  1. Looking good! My studio is upstairs, and I usually bring my work to the kitchen also- I call it my studio, but it is more of a supply room!

  2. Is that on Arches? I ask because I think I can see some cockling - maybe its a trick of the lens.
    Good for you for just painting :)

  3. Yes, Pat it is the Arches paper.I decided to keep going on the Arches and use the other as last resort. You'll have to translate 'cockling'!

  4. Sheryl it's nice to have a space, nicer to have a great space, which I do not have. By great space I mean window walls!


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