Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A NYC Adventure or Can't I Just Park My Car And Go?

I hope everyone enjoyed their festivities during this Independence Day holiday.  Of course I had an adventure in NYC once again and I thought you might like to hear about it. 

As you know, my sister lives in Manhattan and it gives me the push to go there.  I'm such a wuss when it comes to doing things out of my element.  Not that the city is a new thing to me.  I used to work in the city years ago doing paste-up/layout on the boards in an advertising agency. 

Lately I'm comfortable in my day to day stuff around here, that and, I'm not the greatest traveler.  Not that going to the city is traveling, but I'm such a scaredy-cat when it comes to getting around anywhere.  When I worked there I used to travel on the Long Island Railroad with my father.  He working there too so we'd go in together and then go our own way once we arrived.  Sometimes we'd meet up on the street and walk to the railroad together.  Other times we'd meet on the train, and other times I'd go home alone.  But every time I'd get on a train I needed to ask another traveler, "Is this the train to Hempstead?" like a jerk.  Oh brother!

Anyway, I met my sister this week to attend a concert at Radio City Music Hall.  I drove my car in instead of using the railroad or the subway.  She lives on the east side of Manhattan where there's no subway service yet.  Driving makes it easy and I found street parking pretty quickly. 

Soon after I pull into this roomy parking spot I notice a woman at the passenger side of the car trying to open the door to my back seat!  I'm thinking Who is this?  When she can't get in my car she throws her purse on the trunk and leans her whole body on the trunk too. 

Now she's laying on my car while it's still running!  I hadn't turned the engine off yet.  I was in the middle of calling my sister on my cell phone to say I found a spot and I'd be at her apartment soon, but now this woman is on my car!  She was in shock, but manages to tell me this is my next blog post!  Well light bulb moment for me, I whip out my camera and take pictures!

After long minutes of revving my engine, beeping the horn, making the alarm go off, and she's still sitting on my car, I decide to get out.  How long could I sit there?  Clearly this woman is a homeless whacko.  So I get out of the car and ask her why she's laying on it. She said she's waiting for someone, so I tell her go wait somewhere else.  She started getting angry and yelling at me. A psycho-nut case for sure, practically undressed in an unbuttoned blouse and messy appearance. I counter that I'm going to call the police and ask guys, who are standing in an apartment doorway, to dial 911.

My phone is another area code, what good will it do me in the city?  The men just stare at me and the crazy lady with their faces all agog. The whacko woman starts screaming that if I call 911 she'll tell the police that I threatened her life! 

And then she begins to hammer my car with her fists banging the trunk and the fender!  Ok, I decide I'm done with her.  I tell her "Oh yeah?  Go ahead.  Bang on the car some more because now I'm going to take your picture!  Go and bang away! Yeah! Good! Keep it up!" 

As I walked away from her and my car I saw her stop, take her bag and walk across the street to lay on some other car.  Wonderful.  Thanks alot NYC.  Do I need this stuff?


  1. Only in New York! Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Good grief, Dora. What a fruit loop she was! :(

  3. Thanks guys! You know, you just can't make this stuff up, LOL!!!

  4. Great story! Had to read it to my husband, who, in turn, laughed and said, "That would happen in Detroit!" Love your garden. I assume those photos are from your own yard. If so, how did you ever photograph that butterfly? Just before I came in to read your blog, I tried to catch an image of the yellow finch on our bird feeder. So quick, it looks blurry. I'm going to write a little about my butterfly research on my blog. I love them! Thanks for your blog. I enjoy it immensely!

  5. LOL Thanks for reading and commenting Therese! I'm glad my adventure was entertaining! I read your goldfinch post and commented. My kitchen window overlooks the front garden where the echinacea are that the birds and butterflies like to visit, it's great.


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