Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Waiting...All Day

I'm at home today.  All day.  Can't leave the house, which is fine because I have plenty of things to do around here.

I need to plan my day carefully or it could turn into a nothing day.  The telephone repair people are supposed to come and fix my non-existent phone service.  Could you imagine that a little thunderstorm could knock out my dial tone?  Yeah, me either, but it has.

While talking on the home phone last week I noticed alot of static on the line after a storm.  I called in the problem, but they told me the issue was inside my house, not due to that storm.  OK.  Unplug all the phones and then plug them back in.  Did that fix the problem?  No.  The static was so noisy I could barely hear anyone nor they me.  Then Sunday during a call the static got real loud and popped.  Now we're in trouble baby!  I tried to dial out, nothing.  I called my house from my cell phone, nothing.  Dead as a doornail.

Today is the repair date.  I am without a house phone since Sunday.  Not everyone I know has my cell number so who knows who's tried to call?  There's nothing I can do about it, so here I am. 

What time is the appointment for the repair man?  All day, 8A.M. to 5P.M.  Did I say all day?  Yes.  All. Day. Long.  Bright side?  I've got all day.  Just think about that for a moment. 

It's kind of nice to know you have All Day to yourself, but only if you chose that option on your own accord.  I really don't like it if someone else tells me I cannot leave my house for any reason All Day. 

It's a dilemma.

But I have a plan.  After I get off this computer I'm going to straighten up the house a bit.  Then I'll check my art supplies and straighten up the studio area.  That job seems to lead to good things when I do it.  The garden painting is waiting for me.  I might have to work on it so I can go on to something else I'm thinking of.  I thought it was a good idea to have a couple paintings going at once, but then my brain conks out.  I can have a painting going, a jewelry project in the works, and knitting on the needles all at once, but don't ask me to paint two paintings at the same time. 

That will get me to midday.  Lunch outside with my latest book will be a good break.  When that's done maybe I'll be ready to start on something new, as long as I got some inspiration in the studio clean-up. 

That repair guy better not show up at 5P.M.


  1. Good luck and happy painting when you get to the studio (to straighten up)!

  2. Madness, isn't it, waiting for repairmen?
    Some here do 7 til 7, others either 9-1 or 1-7.
    When they turn up, of course!

    I hope your man turns up pretty early, so you can choose to stay in or out the rest of the day :)

  3. 2:12PM and my phone is working! Yippee!
    Back to the garden painting now that I'm into it!


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