Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun with Photos, Not

There he is again.  The yellow goldfinch that likes to come by my pink coneflowers, or echinacea, flew in yesterday afternoon to eat some seeds.  These birds are so skittish they won't let me peek at them from my kitchen door.  I grabbed my camera soon as I saw this one and snapped this picture from the kitchen window, through the screen.  It's the best I could do to capture the bird.  The Mr. gets so excited to hear these birds were here.  He raises finches and canaries, but this one is special.  What a beautiful color he is!

Yesterday I had to clip these huge hydrangea because some animal must have fallen on the branches and many were broken.  I gathered some and arranged then in a vase on my patio table.  They are stunning.  This morning as I was writing my Morning Pages, yes I'm still doing that, don't ask anything else, I had the impulse to take a couple of photos to remember the deep blue color.  The edges of the petals were trimmed in a teal green and were very striking.

This photo looks nothing like the flowers!  I couldn't get the camera to darken so the true blue could show.  Nope, nothing I do would allow me to capture the colors of these flowers.  Ok, whatever.  I tried every angle and the automatic camera kept lightening the picture.  Thanks alot.

This is not what the hydrangea look like at all.  I guess it's going to be a fun day so far if this is how my morning started out.


  1. do you have a photo program? just boost the saturation a little and it will come through. i had some just like this and they are beautiful.

  2. Hello Denise! Do you mean a program on the computer? I guess I could have manipulated the pic. I was just annoyed how the light kept changing in the camera. Anything to rant a little, right? LOL


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