Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Lost Week Begins Today

I apologize for missing Monday here, but the weather was great, the family was around and it was just too busy here to post anything.  Let's say I took a vacation from everything and did absolutely nothing!  Nothing is good.  However, like every good thing, 'nothing' must come to an end. 

This coming weekend my church is holding their annual Greek Festival and Bazaar and I call this the Lost Week because I lose my whole week being there.  I'm chairperson, with another friend, of the biggest weekend Flea Market around here, my opinion.  And I also direct the Greek Dance Program.  This is the second year I am teaching a class so maybe I won't be such a nervous wreck like I was last year.  The kids were great last year, and this time around they seem to know their stuff too!

Our Flea Market set-up began yesterday with the other chairperson and some ladies who started taking out the items for sale.  When we spoke in the evening it sounded like there's more stuff than last year.  Just imagine a huge basketball court full of antiques, books, toys, baby stuff, kitchen items, electronics, linens,old and new things, and plenty of junk.  A bargain hunter's paradise.  I'm going to take pictures and try to post it, wait and see.

Ok, I'm already late.  Updates to come!

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