Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Artist Date at the Farmer's Market

On Tuesdays in my neighborhood, the farmer's market comes to town and I love it!  If the weather is as beautiful as today it's the best.  I like to get there early, before everyone else shows up and buys the gorgeous vegetables.  The market opens at 7 A.M., but I never make it that early.  I try to be there by 9:00 for a good choice of different lettuces and spinach, which sell out fast.  It's still early in the growing season for many items, but the greens are a big thing and they're usually plentiful in the cooler weather.

Today I got myself together early and decided this was going to be my artist date for this week.  Just a simple stroll in the comfortable sunny weather to buy my produce and mosey through the stands to sample some cheese here and a slice of artisan bread there.  The vendors stay until 1:00P.M. and by that time it's crowded and depleated.  Not for me, I like it early and empty!  The birds are still singing, not alot of people or cars whizzing by, a pure pleasure.

I bought the lettuce and the spinach.  The veggie vendor had red, ripe strawberries.  I could smell the sweetness before I saw them,  The fruit guy had fresh picked cherries and blueberries.  All great stuff.  There's a cheese guy, a wine stand, a fish monger, a cupcake shop, a bread baker, and a plant stand.  Some days there's a cookie baker and last week I met a woman who made her own spice rubs, marinades and BBQ sauces from Guyana.  I think I saw a booth last week with homemade mustards.  Most of the vendors come from the east end of Long Island and some from upstate New York.
Visiting the farmer's market on a beautiful day makes me feel great all day long. 

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