Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless on Wednesday, Sort of

These are the azaleas in my backyard garden, Monet style- the top at 9AM and the bottom photos at 4PM.  When they bloom it's an amazing sight to see.


  1. this is when I really wished I lived in a climate that grows azaleas, rhododendrons and coloured hydrangeas. Too cold here. They are beautiful!

  2. Prairie painter, let me tell you, you can't imagine how they look in person with the lavendar against the green grass! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Magnificent color! Breathtaking beauty! I have one!!! They are so very lovely. Don't you hate to see them go? Wish they would last all summer--here in Michigan.

  4. Every year I try to time the blooming with having company to see it. It never works!


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