Monday, May 24, 2010

Sketching While Waiting

I finally found a chiropractor I can live with after trying out the "Rock Star" and some others.  It's not easy to put yourself in the hands of any doctor let alone someone who's going to take your head and twist it around until it pops! 

This chiropractor is a woman and after my intial visit I felt very comfortable with her office, her methods and sensitivities.  No Rah-Rah-Chiropractic going on here, just normal procedures.  She's also involved in kinesiology, or muscle testing, and uses that before deciding how to proceed.  Her office is attached to her house on a main street near where I live.  It's pleasant, cool and quiet, thankfully.  The front office and receptionist is low-key like the doctor herself.  She's a mom too and we can relate.  I told her my issues and she listened.  Not like the other guy who ran people in without asking what their problems were, did some spinal x-ray like thing and said, "Whoa! You've got tons of red alert issues, and you need to come for 65 visits, and please pay for them today, in full!"  Ah, no.

I had to wait a few extra minutes one morning and while I did I decided to take out my little drawing pad to sketch something.  I didn't want to be obvious and sketch the other lady in the waiting room, which I love to do.  In a small room people are pretty aware of each other, not like a big room with lots of patients where I could hide what I was doing.  So I fixed on my hands in my lap holding the pad and rapidograph on top of my handbag.  You know, when no one else is available to pose I'm pretty reliable!  I'm used to posing for me, isn't that nice?  Yeah, you can laugh now, I know it's nutty, but "myself" is always around!

I'm off to have my body twisted and cracked now.  I can't wait!


  1. Oh, there's nothing like a good chiropractor. I went today, too. I've been through muscle testing, kineseology and all that stuff. Loved it. It worked! My husband finally went, too. Seems that we run out of money before we can get our bodies totally cleansed, but you have to do your part, too, by eating right. We now have four wonderful chiropractors in practice together, right here near us. Then, to top it off, our insurance pays for it. I don't mean to gloat, but are we ever fortunate. My mom is in such pain with her degenerative disc disease. I have the same thing, but, guess what: no pain! Thank you, docs! Mom waited too long and nothing can be done now. I'm not about to pass up the opportunity to postpone the pain mom has. Sorry. Got a little windy! Love your blog, Dora.

  2. Thank you Dream Garden. I really appreciate your comments and I'm glad you enjoy reading my yapping. Thankfully, this new chiropractor accepts my insurance as the Rock Star did not. He had 4 doctors in his practice so I guess that's why he needs money up front. This woman is working out so far, but I do my part too, like you said. The mind/body connection is powerful. Your mom might like to try EFT, tapping on accupressure points, to help ease her pain. Can't hurt!