Monday, May 10, 2010

Out in the Garden with Arches and Me

Inspired by the photos of the azaleas and the beautiful weather a few days ago, I went into the garden to fool around with my paints.  My back yard garden is really shady.  It only gets direct sunlight in one little corner by the entrance gate and it's a great spot when other flowers are in bloom.  In the summer that corner is sweltering hot.  I just can't sit there too long and the shady areas are a blessing!  The other day the shady parts were freezing cold and this sunny corner was perfect for me to spend some time.  Until I figured all that out took time too!  But I was determined to be outside in the weather and paint.

The Arches paper was calling my name when I went to the studio to get the paints and brushes.  So I decided Why not?  I'll play with the new paper and see what it does.  I must say it was lovely to work on.  The paper took the paint well and I could use a lot of water if I wanted.  I'm sure that I'm going to enjoy working with Arches paper when I plan the next work.  I've been using Maimeri Blu watercolor paints and I found that some of the colors are different than other companies.  The alizarin crimson is not as deep as the Windsor Newton I've used and neither is the Burnt Sienna.  Those are two favorites I seem to go for and these aren't the same.  The salesperson at the art supply shop said they may be hues of the colors so I bought them last trip.

Anyway, the point is I went out and painted with no agenda other than to paint.  The process was the focus.  And let me tell you, I was out there painting away, going for colors, not thinking where I was, who I was, or why.  It was as if nothing existed but the sun, the paper, the paint and me.  Can I say Heaven?  Yes.  I had no idea what was happening in the world and it was divine.  I was totally out of my head and on vacation!

The azaleas were fully in bloom, the shadows the tall trees made were deep and dark.  The sunny spot I was in reflected off the grass near my feet.  I didn't know what to paint first so I just threw paint where I felt it should go.  A monarch butterfly came by and landed on the hosta nearest to me and I drew it in. 

It was really an amazing afternoon in the garden painting away, no matter what the outcome.  I can't wait to do that again!


  1. ooo lovely! I love the saturated colors and the shadows...

  2. Wonderful - glad you loved the paper and that you had such a brilliant painting day. Nice when that happens..

    I've used Maimeri too but have settled back down to W&N Artists Quality.(AQ) I have to say even AQ are different from their Cotman range. I do like knowing exactly what each colour will be like and how it will perform and AQ does that for me consistently.

  3. Thanks Lrc, I like color like that too!

    Pat, you're right. Now I have to keep painting to use up these paints! I purchased half cakes of W&N AQ for my teeny travel kit when Pearl Art Supply went out of business here in NY. That will be fun when the time comes!


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