Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Still Hate Computers

Remember when I said I hate computers?  Well I still hate them and especially today!
Something happened and I lost the whole post for today.  I am seething!  I think I gave myself an evil eye or something because I was merrily writing along, happy with my thoughts on whatever when -Wham!- I pressed Save and it wouldn't Save.  Oh yeah.  Nice.  Ever hear of the blue screen of death?  Yes, I had the blue screen of death come up.  Now, instead of my nice lah-dee-dah post about how I love Mondays, yeah I know no one loves Monday but me, I end up with nothing except this photo of my garden this morning.  Yup.  I'm so thrilled.  No I'm not. 

Ok, so, you know what?  I like Tuesdays even better than Mondays, so there!  I was going to post here how I like Mondays because it's the quiet after the weekend storm of activity, to plan or not to plan, how I don't like shopping on Sunday, how stores were never open Sundays even if you needed an onion, and now the whole world is shopping for everything on Sunday!  But now I'm writing that Tuesdays are even better than Monday because Tuesday is all about me!  Hah! 

On Tuesday I get to do whatever I feel like doing because the errands are done from Monday.  I can paint if I want, or I can do an artist date.  I can shop for beads and make some jewelry or I might knit.  Tuesday is mine!  I win! 

Oops, I better keep it quiet or I might not be able to post this either.  Darn computer!


  1. Thanks Twisted! These are near my front door and I love the color and textures.

  2. Dora, you had me laughing along here.. I threaten my computer sometimes with pulling the plug or giving it flying lessons.. hubby laughs and tells me I need to know how the nuts and bolts of it work.. nope! Don't need to know that :lol:

    Hope you enjoyed your Tuesday :)

  3. Pat, my computer is a male gender! LOL Yes, I don't need to know how it works, I just want it to WORK! ARGGG!

  4. Dear Dora,
    Once, my dear friend and I seriously "discussed" about how to extract computers from the planet. (*we studied together at uni!) My "physical approach" could damage computers. So, these days, I treat it very KINDLY...
    I hope your patience will last...?!
    Cheers, Sadami

  5. Sadami, I wish I had more patience, but alas, I do not. Today was another one of those days that my computer decided not to work for me. I would have used the "physical approach" too, except this one is new and could fight back. Hahhaha!
    Thanks for your comments!


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