Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Argue With Life? He Ain't Listening

Did you ever get one of those days where everything you wanted to get done just doesn't?  How about a couple of weeks of those kinds of days, all strung together?  Welcome to my world.  Somehow, every day that I've planned to do my thing, something else comes up to squash that lovely plan.  Every day!  It's very annoying.  Bad enough I have my daily fist fight with resistance, now I have to wade through life to get to the other side.

Yes, Life has a way of getting in my way.  Remember that to-do list I had?  Well it's still full of things I want to do.  The universe decided every day, for the last couple weeks, that it's not my day for anything I want to work on.  Nope! 

"Forget that silly list", Life said.  "Today your lower back is going to go out!  There will be no time for painting when you need to find a chiropractor!  Forget about it!  And that little trip to IKEA you keep wanting to take?  Not today!  Today you will spend 2 hours in that chiropractor's dark, warm, noisy waiting room with a million other yapping people who are also waiting.  Isn't that better than painting in that no-light studio of yours or trying to organize it?  Why, the time you would spend trying to decide what to paint will be put to better use in that doctor's office, right?  Of course it would, now go."

I could blow my whole day doing some thing I didn't plan on because Life said so.  Who could argue with Life?  When Life tells me to do this because that just isn't happening, I just go along with it because I'm like that.  Why fight it? 

Resistance is alot like Life, but I'm doing my best to spar with that creep by keeping a window of creativity open, however teeny weeny.  But big shot that Life is, there's no messing with that guy.  Life is bigger than all of us put together.  When he talks, people listen!  So, okay, I do what he says, when he says it, and how he says to do it, whatever it is.  Find a chiropractor!  Yes, sir.  Attend that event!  Done.  Go to this wake today, and that wake tomorrow!  Yup.  After you do that other silly little thing you want to do for two minutes, run that big errand, now!  Aye aye sir! 

Can anyone tell Life "You're not the boss of me"?  Life gives a holler and the blog is posted later than I want, too!


  1. We seem to be in the same boat. You know the day is going to be a bit sticky when you reach for the can of deoderant and end up using the hair spray.
    Life is truely interesting.

  2. You're so right Dolcie! Life sure can suck the life out of us!


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