Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Going with the Flow

The painting dry spell seems to be lifting.  I think we need to just do nothing for a time while the brain resets and inspiration can return.  You know that thing called Life gets in the way and what can you do but sit it out for a bit. 

Some things must be done and other things can be left alone.  Go with the flow and forget it.  I wasn't painting and I wasn't in my usual fist fight with resistance either.  Just chilling, looking at my studio space, organizing stuff, checking out yarn and knitting, drooling over beads and just daydreaming in general.  No commitment to anything.  Maybe that's the trick?

Here's the new studio set up.  I never went to IKEA, although I will eventually get there, but I confiscated a bookshelf from my son's music room for my use in the studio.  I won't tell him if you won't, okay?

 At least I can store some things out in the open now. I'm not done.  That door on the left is a closet I keep older work and other stuff.  I'm planning to paint it inside and add flat files or shelving on one side with horizontal slots for canvases on the other.  It's a thought.  By the way, the light still doesn't work.  I guess it's time to call in the pros.

I started a sketch from this month's photo suggestion at the Virtual pARTy blog.  It's not a great photo composition, but a good starting point for painting ideas.  I missed the deadline to enter on the blog, but I don't care because this has my "thing" working again, and I don't even like horses.  My focus is going to be on the nearest figure and I'm blocking out the rest as shapes and grounding lines. 

Another artist already finished her work with the same  idea, which isn't all that unusual.  Each artist has their own vision and techniques making each work different anyway.  I'm interested in the process right now, not the outcome.  Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm not using the new watercolor paper yet.  I want to, but I'm frugal that way.  I'll finish the old paper before I use the Arches that cost big dollar bills.

 And these are the beads I bought.  Aren't they just amazing?  Well, I fell for the colors and then the shapes, and all kinds of ideas came to my brain.  I'm compelled to arrange them with silver beads, maybe wire wrapping them, I don't know what to do first.  I set up my jewelry stuff on the opposite side of my studio desk on an old kitchen table we had when I was a kid.  Yes, it's still alive and works! 

Keeping my stuff out seems to inspire me.  I could be in that room for a pencil and end up seeing an idea glinting out of the corner of my eye.  Before I know it I'm working on the sketch or the beads. 

The week is new yet, and I have errands to run.  After that my time is my own and  I'll be in my little foggy dreamland.

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