Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go...

Wrapped up in the latest B.S. going around and my own resistance, what does one do?  Well, I do a couple of things.  I can't really say which one is the go-to perfect thing for me to do when I'm frustrated.  People would think, "Oh you're an artist so you'll go paint or draw something."  No, I don't go there when I'm annoyed.  Wish I did, but that's not it. 

Some people go shopping.  My shopping wouldn't make a dent anywhere.  Sometimes I go shopping and walk around the store with the things I've chosen and by the time I'm ready to check out I'm already done with the items I was holding.  No sale!

Dancing is a feel good thing for me, but I feel stupid dancing alone in my house.  Gardening is another good thing to do, but here in New York there's no gardening going on right now.  Nope, not with all the half melting snow still around. 

From what I've been reading lately on resistance, it's good to do something mundane, repetitive, or ordinary.  The Artist's Way said to do your mending!  Who has mending today?  Nobody mends socks anymore.  You pop a toe hole and toss the socks in the trash these days.  Or maybe now with the huge recession people will think twice about throwing clothes away when they pop a hole.  I mended socks until I could no longer mend them.  So there.

Want to know what I did?  I ordered yarn!  Yup.  In the heat of the moment I went online and ordered yarn.  Enough to make a kind of big thing.  I'm not saying what kind of thing in case anyone's looking over here!  And...I knit!  I took out every half knit thing I had this week and checked them over.  Then I started knitting.  Those half done socks from a couple of weeks ago?  Done.  The other pair of baby socks?  Done.  The new order has not arrived yet, but I can't wait to get my hands on it!  Yeah, yarn gets my juices going! 

Painting is hard.  Knitting is easy!  Ordering yarn is even easier!  I'm licking my lips just thinking about the mailman coming with my yarn order.  And the color is delicious.  Come to think of it, it's the colors that really get me.  Yarn colors can be amazing!  Just go visit a yarn shop and see all the colors and textures.  Some yarns are real eye candy.  Heaven can be found in a yarn shop.  OK, most yarn shop proprietors are the meanest, nastiest, snobbiest people on earth.  Oh yes they are and the shop nearest my house is a testament to that.  Yarn is not cheap by any means and they have the nerve to be nasty!  So I snub them and order on line.  It's great.  The only draw back is that you can't see it all or touch it.  It's fine and less expensive, sometimes free shipping, no tax.  Wonderful not to deal with crazy people. I've had enough of dopey, crazy people for the moment.

The other thing I like to do to escape is read. What am I reading NOW you ask?   Take a look below and let out a nice laugh, go ahead, I laughed too!



  1. I have cycled through many different diversions from the "crazies" in my life. Your yarn adventures seem really healthy and life enhancing. I don't watch TV, but lately I have been watching the Monk series on DVD! (We could do a lot worse!)

  2. We COULD do a lot worse Betsy!


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