Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thanks But I Need to Get Off the Computer, NOW

Surprised is not the word, when I checked here the other day and saw that a fellow facebook "friend", fan, and Etsy shop seller thought enough of my creativity to send me this Sunshine Blog Award.  Michele is the purveyor of a shop called By Your Side.  Many of us creative types have a shop at Etsy with original art, hand crafts, vintage items, etc. 

Getting exposure is not an easy task, but most everyone is involved in the internet in some way, whether it's facebook, twitter, blogs and the like.  Lately, on facebook artisans have been linking to each other's business and fan pages in the hopes of more exposure to more people with similar interests and the possibility of sales of the various items.  SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the focus.  Many of the artisans, but not all, are people at home with children, finding the time in their day to connect with others about their craft, maybe help with the family's finances.  I've come in contact with some lovely people of all kinds.  Michele was nice enough to pass on this blog award, and in accepting it I now must pass it on to twelve other bloggers, link to their blog, let them know about the link with a comment, and finally share a thank you to the blogger bestowing the award.  A daunting task!  I'm not the most adept at computer stuff, so it will take a little work and possibly more time than I can spend on it. 

It's fun and all, but I'm trying to get myself motivated for painting and creative pursuits rather than get stuck on the computer trying to figure out how to link to this and that.  Could take a fair amount of time that I would prefer to use otherwise.  Bad enough I'm in a bit of resistance and now I might be blocked again because I feel bad not to reciprocate.  It's like those chain letters you get in the mail that say, "If you don't send out 12 copies of this letter something bad will happen in 24 hours!  Do not break the chain!"  Oh when I see those things I throw them right in the trash.  There's no way I'm falling for that one.  Have you ever received the ones that say something about holy prayers being said as the chain letter went out to all the selected people and if you break the chain Holy hellfire will erupt?  No, not going there either.  Dump that one even faster! 

So now a lovely person has added my blog to this award.  I'm really grateful, but now instead of getting on this computer, checking email, having my say here and there about art, now I've got a job.  I'm sorry to say it, but it really becomes a job and I was hoping my job would be to PAINT! 

I'm not sure I can do all the linking that's been asked of me, but I'm happy to link Michele and her facebook fan page.  Have some fun, look around at her page and some of the other wonderful creatives there.  If I'm free I might try to link up a few more people, but hopefully they're not like me and feel like this is the chain letter from hell.

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