Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Could it be Spring?

This is the last of the snow in front of my house.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed and asking the Universe to please melt it quick and send any to someplace else, not here, please.  Look, I know this is New York, and we're supposed to have four seasons, winter among them, but come on!  This winter has been ridiculous with  snowfall after snowfall.  I can be a bit of a hermit, but after a while cabin fever does set in on the best of us cave lovers.  And I love my cave.  Tell me to stay home and I'm loving it.  A blizzard?  Great day to stay in and bake, cook up something hot and good.  The electricity is going to go out?  Break out the candles and play Scrabble!  We huddle in the candlelight and tell each other stories with the fireplace lit.  No problem for me.'s every other day.  Then I can't do anything.  Stuck.  The choice to venture out or stay in is the thing.  If one day is a disaster, but the next you can get out and do your thing, it's fine.  If that continues day in and day out you can get a little crazy. 

Springtime in New York is beautiful weather, when we have a spring time.  Some years we have two days of spring-like weather and then Boom! the summer hits.  You won't hear me complaining.  Summer is real good, even better, in my opinion.  Bring on the heat and the humidity, I'm ready!  The hotter the better.  I'm not comfortable until the weather is in the 90's and I'm dripping.  Good excuse to visit the beach or be out in my garden. The colors of the flowers in spring and summer are at their best.  I try to fill my garden with the brightest, deepest colors I can find.  And I need fragrance.  Strongly scented roses, spicy butterfly blush, hyacinth and daffodils, and others I can't remember.  I just need to smell the fresh air mingled with flowers.  Even freshly cut grass is an amazing aroma. Yeah, I like the warmer days.

I just can't wait for spring and summer.  Bring it!

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