Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day and an Artist's Date


Last week the forecasters were predicting a snowstorm that never happened.  You know how everyone hears the words "winter storm warning in effect" and they run to buy milk and bread?  What's with that?  Is everyone working with an empty refrigerator, or at the slightest idea of some snow they need to stock up with a month's load of food?  Please people!

The weather guys were correct with their snow predictions this time.  As usual, I'm fine in the food department. They're expecting blizzard conditions this afternoon, but so far there was only three inches on the ground by 8AM.  Thankfully, I have no where to be but at home and that's where I'm staying!  


Mostly I like being home alone, but being snowed in is even better.  There's no way you can go anywhere, no idea of going out except to shovel, and it's a freeing feeling. I have big plans for my day in! First another pot of hot coffee. Then, I may bake some muffins from a new recipe I found. Later I might put on a Bach CD I bought a little while ago and draw with some pastels. If there's more snow I'll take more photos of it.

The possibilities are endless and exciting!  Definitely an Artist's Date kind of day.  Isn't funny that I'm so excited to be snowed in I have all these ideas of things I can do?  I should be like this every day, thinking which art thing to do first. We humans are weird people. And we artists? Ok, I won't say it.

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