Monday, February 15, 2010

Negativity and Non-productivity

All this snow and the cold weather is wearing me down.  Not to mention the dopey things people do, how they act, and that I have a reaction to it all is just annoying.  The jealousy of other people and the hate that comes with it is tiring. What's wrong with people?  It wears away my motivation to work on anything and there's alot of stalled works in progress at the moment.  I'm busy thinking what I'm going to say to these people when I see them later this week.  If I could focus on my jown stuff and not on this junk it would be wonderful.  At least the energy it takes to react to negativity could be channeled in a positive way.  But no.  Now I'm stuck.  Again.

Rather than work at doing, I decided to take inventory.  Taking stock was a good distraction.  I took a look at the bead jewelry I've already made, lined them up to evaluate what worked and what didn't.  The newest order of semi-precious stones arrived a couple of days ago and I sorted through them.  Ideas came to me as to what I want to make with the agate stones.  Blue, purple and pink agate free form stones are really stunning all strung together.  I put them away in an organized manner.

After the stones I looked through my knitting patterns and books. There were patterns I know I'm not going to use so they went out.  Yarn for all kinds of projects were sorted through as well as my needle collection.  I separated the heavier yarns from the sock yarns, the double pointed needles from the straights, and the connected kind for large projects. 

While sifting through the patterns I noticed a pattern some knit bloggers were working on.  It's a dainty knitted doily from the 1940's I guess, but a blogger knit it in heavy yarn on circular needles as a lap blanket or a throw.  I rummaged through my yarn stash and found enough yarn to try it out along with the right needles.  This pattern is worked from a chart part of the way and I'd never used a chart before.  So I casted on and kept going.  I'll see how far I go until I get crazy.  So far, so good.

It just goes to show that a little cleaning up can reap some rewards.  I needed the distraction to help me get out of my head for a while. 

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