Wednesday, February 3, 2010

15 Minute Studio Time Really Works

The fifteen minutes in the studio thing is working really well for me.  Yesterday I had a day where I did alot of running around.  I didn't think I would go to the studio to do anything.  I'm annoyed at the light in the room because it's fooling with me.  One day it will very nicely go on and be lit the whole time I'm there, the next it will light up for me then rudely turn itself off as if to tell me to get lost.  The day I decide to call  the electrician it's on all day long.  I think it likes to play games with me.  It's getting old.

Anyway, when I finally came home in the afternoon I didn't feel like painting.  I checked email, the blog, my facebook page, the etsy shop, opened snail mail, decided on dinner, everything but go to the studio.  After I threw all these road blocks in my way, I decided to sit at the desk and look at this bagpipe painting for only 15 minutes.  If I could just look at it maybe I would have thoughts about where I want to go the next time I paint.

So I took my inner child artist brat to the studio and sat at the desk like an adult.  Light bulbs were flashing in my mind, how would this look, maybe that color there, how can I make the light pop.  Low and behold, I was painting.  It's a blur when I filled the pans with water and dipped the brush to apply paint.  When I looked up at the clock, two hours had passed by and if I didn't get moving there'd be no dinner that night!

I had just enough time to step back and look at my work, photograph it too.  The first one is where I left it to dry on my desk.  I'm not used to painting on a desk as I always painted oils on an easel.  It's a little weird to me, but if you paint watercolor upright the drips are unmanageable, unless you really want drips.  The second photo is the work on my easel after it dried some.  It's on the easel so when I go into the room I can see it better.  When I see my work I'm surprised how it looks hour to hour, day to day.  Is that weird?

Well, today is another day.  Let's see how it goes.

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  1. Looking very good!

    I often sit down to do a few minutes and get up hours later :)
    I like that I can get so lost in my painting :)


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