Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yes I Can

With yesterday's post in mind about going into the studio for 15 minutes, I did just that.  Luck was with me and the stupid light in the studio was working. 

Going into the studio, I decided to look at the latest cherry blossoms painting I was playing with.  The first one is over and done.  I don't think I can do anything else to it because, firstly, I'm over it, and secondly, I'll just over do it.  I signed it and I'm done. The second watercolor needed a little definition in the flowers and I worked on that until I was done with it, too.  Signed, done.

On my desk is a couple of print-outs of my son playing a traditional Greek bagpipe.  He had a YouTube video of music he was practicing and I just loved the look of it.  To me it was so Rembrandt, all chiaraschuro like.  Bright light against deep darks.  I liked that moody look and printed out some frames, with his permission of course.  I sketched out the basic subject and lines for the background on watercolor paper.  This would probably be a better oil painting than a watercolor, but hey, the watercolors are out so that's what I'm going to use.  If I don't like it, I can paint another one in oils, which I probably will do. 

I didn't want to plunge right in with color just yet.  I need a tube of New Gamboge that I've used before for painting skin color in watercolor.  It's just a nice soft color and adding shadows to it is easy.  So I'm off to Pearl Paint today to see what brands they have in this color.  Forgot about it when I was there last week for the 50% off sale. 

It's amazing how an idea like doing something for only 15 minutes can wake you up and charge the batteries.  I'm going to make this my little Artist's Date for the week. 

You have to take the motivation where you can get it and run!


  1. Loving the cherry blossom.
    Looking forward to seeing the painting of your son and the bagpipes completed.

  2. Thanks Pat. I'm taking the portrait slow otherwise I'll blow it! Updates to come!


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