Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shopping for Motivation

The Pearl Paint Art Supply in my neighborhood is having a sale of 50% off everything in the store.  Are they going out of business?  I asked the sales people, but they said no one told them anything.  Looks like going out to me if they're selling to the bare walls.  That much off is a good sale, even better than buying online which is usually cheaper.  Pearl's prices are high first of all, and lately they were trying to compete with Michael's Crafts, which turned me off.  If I want craft stuff I can go to Michael's.  I want a quality art supplier when it comes to art stuff. 

Well, I picked up a large pastel pad, a couple tubes of MaimieriBlu watercolors, and quite a few half pans of Windsor&Newton watercolors for my travel set.  They had some semi-precious stones I liked and for half price I bought a couple.  I spent enough yesterday.  Paint is expensive.  I need to go back another day to get a Vyco cover for my desk.  Next week is soon enough unless they close the doors tomorrow which didn't look like it was happening.

Feeling empowered after my art supply shopping spree, and relaxed from my little tantrum, I got down to business.  Amazingly, the light was working in my studio yesterday.  I took my purchases to my desk to take inventory of my supplies.  I have some older tubes of watercolor that I need to use up.  I thought I used up my watercolor paper, but forgot about the cherry blossoms work that was still attached to the block.  I'm not sure if I'm done with it, but I took it off the block anyway.  Since it was there, bare, and looking at me I found another photo of the blossoms from the swipe file and there I was penciling it onto the paper.  Soon as I did that and took some pics, I was filling my water cups, dipping the brush and throwing paint on the paper!  Wow, how did that happen?

Knowing myself I stopped before I made a mess of things.  Watercolor is not very forgiving, in my opinion.  I could take it too far, and then that's it!  So I left it and decided to organize my bead supplies.  There I was stringing a couple of bracelets!  I finished one and need some findings for the other, but I worked on two pieces.  I just need to photograph the finished piece and shop online or in person for the needed findings for the second bracelet. 

All in all, yesterday was an amazingly productive day.  I'm still in shock that it all went so well!  I better be careful and not mess up the momentum today.

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