Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Art in 15 Minutes

I read a blogpost and a "tweet" yesterday from Alyson Stanfield, author of I'd Rather Be In The Studio and The ArtBiz Blog, that said if an artist cannot commit to hours in the studio at least try to do 15 minutes (here).  That statement speaks volumes to me! 

I can definately do 15 minutes a day!  In fact, whenever I go to my art space to just look at my supplies for a couple of minutes I end up spending hours painting, where I had no intention to do that.  Now, if I could get myself to go to that place every day for just the 15 minutes I'd be on my way!  It could happen.  It has happened. 

Whining about time looks like something I like to do, but I don't like to whine.  I try to keep my whining to myself, but now that I'm blogging about it the cat's out of the bag.  I never thought of myself as a whiner.  That's why I picked up Alyson's book and read The Artist's Way course.  These two books have allowed me to identify the blocks I allow to fall in my way to creativity time, at the very least.  More over, they have led me to make more art these days.  I can finally say to myself, ok, the housework/errands are done or can be done later, now is studio time.

I've learned to be unconciously concious.  Does that make sense?  Aware of my time is maybe a better explaination.  When I allow myself to become distracted by mundane things I'm more aware of it and can turn it around now.  Before I would end up drowning in laundry and letting it happen.  Things have definately improved in that sense.

Ok, I'm off to do my errands.  Be back in 15 minutes!

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