Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Working on the Zen

I'm steadily moving along on the cherry blossoms painting and not pulling my hair out yet!  Little by little, I can see it taking shape.  I guess I'm pleased with the way it's coming along so far since I haven't ditched it by now.

I like the shadows on the flower petals and trying very hard to keep the bright sun light showing.  I hope it will convey that feeling of calm and well being that my friend is looking for.

The paints I'm using are lovely.  After a discussing with another artist, I stayed with the MaimieriBlu watercolor paints and I'm not one bit sorry.  They're velvety and smooth.  The creaminess of the paints as I apply them to the paper helps keep my motivation up.  The colors are very strong and it doesn't take alot to have a good punch.  A touch of the brush to the paint goes a long way. 

That little bird perched on a branch was my attempt at a touch of whimsy!  I saw that photo in my swipe file and thought how charming it would be to have him sitting in the midst of all those blooms.  So there he is.

It's almost done.  The friend I'm painting this for should be happy with it.  And if not, I am so keeping it!

I haven't spent this much time on a painting in quite a while.  Usually I work at a frenzy, moving, standing,

manipulating the paint with my brush.  This time I slowed down.  I still stand and move back to view my work, but it's a comfortable pace.  The energy is there, it's just subdued.

I guess that's what the zen is all about.  What do you think?


  1. I love it :)



  2. I like it, too. And the fact that you're experimenting with a slower pace, perhaps in keeping with the subject.

  3. Yes, instead of shoot from the hip painting, I had a plan! I may have to go back to other subjects and paint like this again.

    I really appreciate the comments. Thank you so much!


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