Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Studio Spot

While waiting for the new year to come and running around trying to get things done, I've had to avoid the studio.  Last night I did some knitting on one pair of socks, so at least I'm still slightly in the game.  But painting is going to have to wait. I thought I'd give you a little glimpse at my studio space while I'm waiting to get back in it.

For a long time I didn't have any space except the kitchen table.  My father had a nice studio in his basement in our house and I used that space when I was young and living at home.  When I got married it was the kitchen table or even the floor of our living room.  In my house part of our basement was finished, but it wasn't really friendly for art so I used the kitchen table for quick things.  I would do pastels and clean up before the kids came home from school.  When they were babies I didn't want them around the oils and just left it.  Pastels are easier to do with kids around.

Now that I've finished the other side of our basement I took over a little corner.  One of my sons is a musician on the side and we carved out the bigger area for all his instruments and other stuff.  He's married now, but some stuff is still here.  Don't tell him I said this, but I may creep myself in that space little by little.

I have my drawing table in the corner and I've been hanging posters and things that make me feel good around it.  I kept the old kitchen table from our apartment, which came from our house when I was little.  It's on the opposite wall from the desk and I love to sit at it.  I've moved my jewelry stuff there and plan to set up still life arrangements.  It's really cozy to me. 

The closet needs to be organized for flat storage and I need a small bookcase for odd tools, books, and other things.  IKEA may be the destination for that.  Once these holidays are over I'll be back in that space that's all mine.


  1. Dora, you definitely need to take over the whole space! A girl needs a room of her own....

  2. Go for it and celebrate your creative space!

  3. Haha! You guys are the best!!


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