Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Checking Off the List

The week is moving along quickly as it always does when there's a lot of things to do.  I'm working on the to-do list and thankfully checking things off as I go.   "Making a list and checking it twice" as the Christmas carol goes. 

Since the snow, I think it's a good thing that we are forced to slow down, take stock, reassess, take a breath.  I worked well yesterday and today is going to be a finishing up kind of day. 

Did I say the image of Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, Kris Kringle should've been a woman?  Men can't handle all the things that need to be done for a holiday on schedule, in time, and in one piece!  And clean the house, prepare meals, keep up with laundry and the bills, and feed the fish.  Can they do all that?  I think not.  Do we make ourselves crazy doing all this?  I think yes.

So, I'm off.  Leave a message.  We can talk later, ok?

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