Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trying to Step Forward

"Trying is all that matters.  Everything else is just not our business" T.S. Eliot, poet

Today is my father's birthday.  He's been gone 4 years and every day I wonder how did that happen?  I know how, but it's just unbelievable to me.  He was the strong, tall, dark and handsome type they wrote stories about.  A "Rat Pack" type of guy.  With wavy black hair and a big moustache, he resembled the actor Omar Shariff.  A talented fine artist and commercial graphics art director, he encouraged my own talent.  He would critique my work, offer suggestions, and supply me with the best art supplies! 

He used to like to say "Confusious says: A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step".  So with this in mind, and my father's spirit pushing me, I press on with the art.  Trying to make the time, trying to ignore the procrastination, the "What's the use so why bother", and all the other excuses that hinder my creativity.

Happy Birthday to you, Pop.

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