Monday, November 23, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Day

The best part of my day is in the early morning.  And a Sunday morning is best of all. Sunday morning is the quietest time of any day of the week. I wake up early every day by habit anyway, even on Sundays.  First things first-coffee making. The smell alone is inviting.

Next, get the newspaper from the porch.  After breakfast, with the kitchen made neat and whoever is out doing their thing, I get to have another coffee, read, do the crossword puzzle, and write the Morning Pages.  Outside no cars are passing by, no people yapping, no kids running around screaming, no gardener idiots, no television on, just peace and quiet.  Heaven.

If I could put this time in a bottle and open it whenever I wanted this feeling I'd do it in a minute.  The only thing that would make this time better would be if I was near the beach.  That'd be perfection.  But I'll take it this way any time. 

Since I'm writing these three Morning Pages, my brain is quiet, too.  Beautiful.  No brain chatter.  And I'm all alone.  Great.  I love being by myself.  Is that normal?  The Artist Way says it's normal for creatives to like and need alone time.  I've always felt like that, but I thought maybe it's just weird me.  So I guess it's fine. 

Not many people want or need to be alone.  In fact some people crave company constantly.  There's no way I could do that.  I enjoy company, just not all the time. Later in my day I like some activity going on.  Mostly, though, I don't need all that extra noisy stuff. My brain can't take it. No thanks. 

With the approaching Christmas holidays come the activities and people and inviting and shopping and doing and coming and going.  I'm already tired thinking about it.  Just give me a little quiet time in a cozy, colorful kitchen with a newspaper and coffee in a pretty cup and I'm good.

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