Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Wednesday. Want to make something out of it?

Remember yesterday when I said I didn't want any surprises?  Well, as soon as I say I don't want something, I get that which I didn't want, an annoying surprise.  The Universe doesn't hear the word "don't" and gives it to me anyway.  Go figure. 

Nothing big happened.  Just a little thing I found out about a "Crazymaker" I know and it just gets my goat!  Arggg!

However, in reading The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron writes that "anger is a map".  She suggests that anger points the direction, anger is a tool, anger is meant to be acted on not acted out.  When acted on, anger is use-full.

Today I'm using that emotion to push ahead to do the things I'm thinking about doing.  Instead of thinking I'm doing.  Today is the day for action.


  1. Anger is an energy and if you harness it it can help you. I do my best cleaning when I am angry! LOL

    Thanks for posting on my blog thread!


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  3. Thanks for the comments, guys!


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