Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Errand day, again

I like Mondays.  Everyone goes back to their usual schedule.  I can enjoy the quiet of the morning with my newspaper and coffee before I get myself together.  On Monday's I help my husband in his business, doing the things he doesn't want to do can't make time for. 

I don't mind and have been helping him for 20 something years.  Yes, the artist as secretary/bookkeeper, lots of fun!  Since the early years, the job holders have evolved from myself, to my very competent sister, to my pro-bookkeeper mom.  Everyone has had their chance to help. I do some things from home, discuss the office end of the business by phone, but Mondays I show up in person.  Secretly, they call me "Big Boss."  I think that's funny.

Today is Tuesday.  Tuesday ends up being errand day!  As hard as I try, I cannot make Tuesday an art day, all day.  The farmer's market is Tuesday, I need to visit the post office, bank, sales at the drugstore, pick up/drop off dry cleaning, decide on dinner, load the laundry, empty the dryer, and on and on.  By mid-afternoon I'm surprised the day has flown by and I couldn't get to the art. 

My next target for an artist's date is Wednesday, which could be a problem, so I might look at Thursday. 

In The Artist's Way I'm still in week 7 when I should have moved on by now.  I haven't done the tasks I was required to do.  The "teacher" will not be happy and I'm going to be left back in this course! 

I think I need a secretary.


  1. Great blog! I have heard of The Artist's Way, but I have never read it. Next time I am at the library, I am going to see if they have it - roflol - you are the third or fourth person who has mentioned that book to me in the last couple of months! haha!

    Thanks for following my blog =) I read a bunch of your posts and enjoyed them all.

  2. I'm really enjoying The Artist's Way and TRYING to move ahead in it.

    Thanks so much for following my blog, too! It's great to communicate with wonderful artists.

  3. I agree - I love chatting with other artists! I have a note with me for the next library trip ;-) I have to check out this book!


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